Thursday, July 29, 2004

Canteen Day!!

I went for Stella's Canteen Day today, took the above pics.

More pictures from me can be found at

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I’m In CyberJaya.

I just spent my weekend being lazy… Basicly eating, sleeping and playing with my PC… It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to do this.

Highlights of my lazy weekend.

Game Played: Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

Really cool game, the sequel to the original splinter cell. I feel the storyline and the playability has improved over the original, the familiar interface has been polished, and the graphics are stunning. Though maybe the graphics seem this way because my old PC can’t render as well :P

Food Eaten: Nissin Sukiyaki Ramen.

Best instant noodles EVER! Everyone ought to try it. I got mine from Tesco to give it a try and I love it. Must buy more!!!

Also, I was at 1 Utama 2 days ago, as Pat was working there and I went to meet her for lunch. I realise the price of food has gone way up there. We ate at Burger king, and among us all we bought were 1 value meal and 1 burger alone and it came to a whooping rm19! I guess that’s why it’s called a Whooper.

Laziness lazed: A heck of a lot. I games up till 3 a.m last night and slept until 1. woo… hahaha

Anyway, this has to end soon, I have to go back to KL tomorrow (later today rather) and clear my room so my mom can use the space, as it’s been choked full of junk from when we packed up so work could be done to the house.

Then Thursday I’ve got work. It’s build up day for the PC Fair this weekend and it’s going to be a string of long and tiring days until Sunday.

Then Monday it’s back to college… Arge!