Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Ballad of Big Adobe

Written by Flux4 to commemorate Adobe's now approved takeover of Macromedia Inc.

Big Adobe went to town
Riding with great worry
"Microsoft might buy our foes
Goodness let us hurry"

Big Adobe, buy them out
Big Adobe dandy
Mind the lawsuits and the FUD
And with your cash be handy

Macromedia went to the web
With great Flash and vigour
Then Adobe said to them:
"We ownz you, start to quiver"

Big Adobe, buy them out
Get yourself a trophy
Buy a business out of fear
And call it Macradobe

All you geeks and all you nerds
Reading this here story
Remember what the Parent said
And call it Macradobe

Midi arranged by Thomas N. Thurston,May 1995, all rights reserved.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Parody

In light of recent stupidity in Parliament, I give you the following parody.

Oh, why are MPs in Parliament so Stupid?

TELEVISION dramas should depict true Malaysian culture and this means MPs should not be shown "talking stupid" to their constituents, an Opposition MP said yesterday.

Salahbina Ayat (PUS - Katakata Kosong) was unhappy that many TV dramas nowadays showed MPs replying to constituents in inappropriate language, and even shouting.

"Why can’t we produce dramas like those from Korea and Japan? These show MPs speaking respectfully to their constituents, even when they are having a disagreement," he said when debating the 2006 Budget at committee stage yesterday.

Dato’ Said Iwackhim (BM-Kata Baru) said it should apply both ways.

"If a MP should not be depicted speaking roughly to a constituent, then a constituent should also not be depicted speaking similarly to a MP.

"But the point actually is, do we want TV dramas to reflect reality or do we want them to be a means to spread stupidity?"

The Opposition leader meanwhile saw potential in an award winning drama and wanted parliamentary proceedings to be telecast live over television instead.