Thursday, July 08, 2004

Theres a sucker born every minute.

This article
from the BBC details how a Malaysia couple spent about RM 15,000 in SMS charges in hopes of winning a car, and when all they won was a bike because soembody elses slogan was better, the took the organisers to arbitration... SAD!!!!!

i cannot believe how some people can actualy be taken in by those SMS contests that encourage you to SMS in as much as possible at a super inflated price.

Whats worse, the loosers (in more ways then one) actualy had the gall to take the organisers to court after they foolishly squandered money.

Even sadder is that the BBC had to pick up on it... It's so shameful...

Tuesday, July 06, 2004


Today on my way back from CyberJaya, I collided with a Proton Wira on the Kesas Highway. I was behind the car and suddenly it slowed down to exit the highway. I couldn’t react in time and collided into him from the rear… It’s my fault I guess.

Anyway, I’m OK. Just a laceration on my chin (time to invest in a full face helmet) that required 3 stitches and a bruised leg. Beyond that, I’m walking almost normally (slight limp due to bandage) and doing stuff normally. I noticed that when I used to fall of bicycles, my palms would usually be scratched and badly bleeding, but this time they escaped a fall from a motorbike sans injury. Apparently the leather gloves I got cheap at Tesco work. Best RM 9 I ever spent.

My motorbike took it a bit worse, the bodywork is cracked, the right wing mirror broke, the right peddles are bent out of shape and worst of all, it won’t start. It’s in the shop now, and to think it was just in the shop last week for service. Sigh…..

The exit from the highway in question wasn’t part of the original plan for the highway and should not have been there, but apparently the local council cut away a piece of the sidewalk and painted a dotted line to legalise the dirt path the local residents had been using as an exit, without thinking that the highway wasn’t engineered to have an exit there. Somebody needs to have my boot shoved up his you-know-which cavity.

So anyway, enough doom and gloom. I watched ’13 going on 30’ today. It’s a teen cum chick flick, and according to Mizzpeach, it made her cry. So what the heck I thought. Anyway, it’s quite a good show. In the mists of being a sweet, spicy and pink, it manages to ask and attempts to answer in a cheerful manner, some of life’s questions. Mixed with a good sound track and good dose of 1980’s retro, it’s quite the enjoyable movie.

Ladies, watch with a tissue box. I watched it with my sister and she cried. You have been warned.

Oh, I also saw Spiderman 2 last week, but too much has been said about that show already. :P

Made in New Zealand.

Urge~!!!!! I have a headache. It's 1.15 a.m.. earlier, i was in a 7-11 and i finally decided to try one of those vodka drinks they sell.. Bad mistake. I choose the one which was a coffee vodka mix, knowing full well that maxing a stimulant (coffee) and a sedative (alcahol) is a bad idea.. . Well, here i am, tired and sleepy but can't sleep, also my eyes hurt like hell. Took a ponstan tablet. Migth take another and try to sleep.. AURGEEE!!!!!!!

Btw, i didn't know John Poh (those who know him) was back in KL....

Sunday, July 04, 2004


As some of you guys might know I have a room to let in CyberJaya. So last night I rushed back to CyberJaya because there were potential housemates interested to take a look at the place. (Thank God!)

I and my housemates are actually kind of desperate as 6 months ago we inked a 1 year contract for the house knowing that one of us would only stay for 6 months. So now it’s already month 7 and we owe the landlord the full rent even though there are only 5 instead of the initial 6 of us. But in all fairness, the land lord was kind enough to give us a time extension on paying the last portion of the rent.

Anyway, it was an interesting night. I showed the room to a group of deaf-mute students. It was the quietest introduction I ever made with no words being said. They were signing to each other furiously, but not much was directed at me. I hope we get them. That way I’ll have motivation to learn sign language.

Also this morning I had an Indian fellow who just got in the country 15 days ago. He’s a data specialist working for DHL, whose worldwide data processing centre is right down the road from here, kind of interesting fellow also. He spoke English, but with a thick accent.

Right after he left, a guard came along and told me that the management of the development I’m staying at says the 'Room to Let' sign we had put up had to be taken down. I’m like WTF? I told the guard that the door to the room which window the sign was hanging from was locked and I had no key (which is true) so I can’t take it down. Besides, it’s the dumbest thing I ever heard. I’m sure if one has a room to let; one is well within ones right to advertise as such, especially when we are paying rent on the place already.

It also seems the management is only good at complaining, but when I complain to them they don’t seem to respond. The piped gas supply to my place has been cut for more about 2 months now, due to a pipe leakage somewhere in the main supply line within management’s property. Every time I go to the office to find out what happened to the gas supply and when I can get it back, I get passed around and I haven’t gotten an answer from anybody. This is despite repeatedly personally visiting the office and leaving my number with the lady in charge, who promised to get back to me but didn’t.

I think I’ll give them the same treatment with the sign, make empty promises and not do anything.