Wednesday, April 13, 2005

For the sake of all Ivans in the world getting lost while getting to Alamanda in PutraJaya i repost the roadmap i made to get there :D

How to get to Alamanda

First, there are a number of ways to get to PutraJaya, which ever route
you use to enter PutraJaya, follow all the road signs that point you to
"Presint 1 " and/or "Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan". All the signs that point there, regardless of where you came in from, will lead you to the road as shown in Picture 1

That road in Picture 1 is where Presint 1 is. Follow the road and keep left. You will pass the PutraJaya sign as shown in Picture 2 on your right.

Now, the road you are on is actualy an oval, and if you keep following
the road, you end up going in circles. Right after the PutraJaya sign,
the road will start to curve to the right, keep left but DO NOT EXIT the road. You will see a turn off as shown in Picture 3.

As you go furthur, you will see the Yellow sign, as shown in Picture 4 pointing you towards Alamanda.

This is your cue to look out for the turn off as shown in Picture 5.

You will know it is the correct exit when you see a sign pointing to "Sekolah Alam Shah" (Picture6).

Take the turn, keep right and go down the road until the first set of traffic lights, as shown in Picture 7. Stay on the right lane and turn right at teh lights and Alamanda Picture 8 Will be directly ahead.