Friday, July 23, 2004


It's the holidays, you pack up and head for home with a sigh of relief. Relief that all that work you've been doing for the past many months have been all done and you're off to the familier comfort of home.

Then when you get home, right after the initial excitement wears off you suddenly long for your cramped but cosy little room that barely weeks ago you were longing to get out of.

Thats the general feeling I have right now. I miss my little room in CyberJaya. Sure at home I have all i want to eat, it's close to alot of shopping, i have my bed, air conditioning, hot showers, alot of space, and best of all, Family.

But between it all, I miss the silence, being alone, the LACK of air conditioning, spending hours vagetating infront of my PC, having supper with a certain friend...

I think I'll go back this weekend and stay a few days.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Not again!

Why are computers breaking down so much lately? Last week my PC died, apparently some coils overloaded and the mother board blew. Then a friend of mine lost a monitor. Now, I bought a new mother board for another project and that isn’t booting either…

This is utterly frustrating!!!!!!!

I’m buying a new PC. But sadly, for some reason I can’t get the A64 I wanted. What is it with AMD and this country anyway? The finally assembly for a lot of their processors are done in this country, yet for some reason when I want one I can’t get one short of parallel importing one.

Anyhow, I have loads more to say but I’m too tired to write. Will post later.