Friday, November 11, 2005

My New Toy!

Introducing my new toy:
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Yes, that’s a Nikon D70s digital SLR :D I actually got it the day before I left for Penang, but since I left it in KL, I didn’t get to play with it until now.

Anyway, having had the chance to use it yesterday at drinks/dinner with Adrian, Suen and Lilo, I must say I’m simply amazed at the camera.

Digital cameras didn’t quite impress me before, since up till now, the only digital cameras I ever had the chance to use were consumer grade ones that were just point and click. Not that impressive. But with the SLR is different. A digital SLR is a traditional photographer’s wet dream.

With this simple replacement of film with a microchip, the things that used to take hours, tones of money and a full photo lab to do is suddenly compacted into a neat little package.

For instance, back in the day, when you wanted to try out different film speeds (i.e ASA 100, 400, 1000), you had to spend loads of money buying film and developing it. In fact photographers used to walk around with 2 or even 3 cameras because each camera had a diffrent speed of film in it. Add to that, faster films like ASA1000 were so volatile that it required refrigeration when stored and had a very limited shelf life. With Digital SLRs, changing film speed (200-1600 on the Nikon) is as simple as 3 pushes of a button.

And then, say you are out experimenting with your camera. To learn from your pictures you had to carefully take detailed notes of things like Aperture, Shutter speed, lighting conditions, time etc with a notepad for you to look at after your photos are developed. Now, all of that and more is automatically recorded for you and tagged along with the instantly appearing photo. Whats more, a histograph is generated for you to tell you if your picture is over or under exposed and the over exposed areas are highlighted by the camera's display!

Anyway, I could go on and on.. but I’m sure you all would rather see some pics… I haven’t had the chance to fully explore the camera’s capabilities, but here are some quick shots.

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Suen and Lilo

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Buns taken by Lilo

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Nightshot of Cyberia, ASA1600 0.5sec