Tuesday, August 03, 2004

DOOM³ RoxXXX!!!!!!

I'm back in CyberJaya and I just installed DOOM³. And it seriously kicks ass !!!!!!

College starts this week and I just registered yesterday. So i guess i have like to the end of this week to get all my gaming done before hell breaks loose again... oh wait... isn't DOOM³ about hell breaking loose?... WargGGGGGGg!!!!!!! *fires machine gun*

Anyway, the lack of updates over the weekend was because, as i mentioned, i was working at PC fair and too tired to update. I was sellign NetGear Routers. I must say that prices on alot of stuff has dropped. DVD writers are not like 350 and CD writers and at a shocking rm 95 each. Damm. I rememeber i paid 700 bucks for one of those sometime back.

Other changes also include security now being thighter at PC fair, they inspect bags now and installed CCTVs just to watch the door for the fair. Also, there is now a WiFi service for exibitors.

Also of interest, Ede's CookShack is now in the MDTC! YAY! As a classmate of mine puts it, "Ericsson is now obsolete".