Saturday, August 27, 2005


Quick note to my fellow graduating classmates, You guys wanna organise something on Sunday (tomorrow) before we all part for good? I was thinking we can throw togather a quick potluck BBQ @ Suen/Kelly/SengKee/Coco's house... Kelly agreed in principle already to the use of the place...

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Clippings of My Thoughts

Well, My blog has been in need of a layout overhaul for a long time… So here it is! Allow me to present “Helping of Me – Clippings of My Thoughts”.

As you can see, it’s basically themed after the paper clip. It’s based off a default Blogger template, as you all know, with little customizations here and there. I guess as a designer I ought to be more original and get one going from scratch, but I’m only starting to figure out how to edit Blogger templates, so I guess I’ll take it one step at the time.

I know this page is broken when viewed in IE, but then again it's been validated sucessfully by w3c. Some people will argue that since most of the web is on IE it ought to be working in IE, and I might agree, but this is my personal site and I want to make the point that we ougth to all support standard compliancy rather then Microsoft's stupidity. So, if you want to see this site they way I see it, please ditch IE and Get Firefox!.

*PS: Anybody have any idea how to remove that small gap between the top border and the side border in the posts? I got the gap down to a reasonable 1px in the preview, but when implemented, it’s much wider…

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

TM – Totally Moronic

Ever gotten an error saying

Tempoarily out of resourse, please try again later

(Yes and spelt that way)

Well now we know why. The fucking idiots at TM have done it again. They’ve implemented what’s called a Transparent Proxy. Simply put, it’s a mirror of the internet that they keep on a server in Malaysia for 2 reasons.

1) It cuts down of international traffic, saving them money and serving up Web Pages faster.

2) For the TM Online Guard Service (more on this in a moment)

While reason 1 is with good intentions, the server they are using isn’t anywhere near stable, and when it can’t keep up with the load, it displays the above error message instead of allowing you to connect directly to the originating server. I also find this very disturbing, as it will also allow TM to censor our view of the internet if they wish.

Now, number 2 is just TOTALLY DESPICABLE of them. TM Online Guard Service is basically an antivirus service, where for ad additional fee; they will monitor your net connection for viruses. EXCUSE ME! Is that not why I have an anti virus installed for??!!

Some might wonder why I’m so pissed off. Here’s why. Their implementation of the this proxy has added an unnecessary speed bump to connections in their internal network, as such it’s made online gaming impossible on 2 of their 3 net blocks (only 2 of the net blocks are connected to the proxy (60.x.x.x and 219.x.x.x). I mean, imagine playing a game of DotA where you have 2 second delays and 15 minutes into the game, you lose sync and get disconnected from Battlenet. It’s just pissing off!

GAH! I have ½ a mind to march over to the CEO’s house and organize a riot.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Gol & Gincu

I've seen the film. I brought along Calvin who up till that day had never seen a Malay film before (the blasphemous fellow also hasn’t seen Sepet, an oversight I shall address tomorrow). I must say that we were both presently surprised that the film was indeed of a certain quality, was enjoyable, funny and overall very entertaining.

However, take a step back and think about the film. It's about a girl's girl who gets into Futsol in the hopes of winning back her arse of an ex-boyfriend and at the end of the film rightfully figures out he is not worth it. In short, it's your stereotypical chick flick.

What sets it apart is that it addresses a segment of Malaysian society. The segment of everyday, urban, middle class Malaysians that refuse to be disfranchised by racism in the political arena gels well together, snubs the anal holier-then-thou-ness of our so called leaders and chose to cast away taboos.

Of course, made anywhere else, the movie would have been a D grade waste of celluloid, with a story that has been rehashed so many times, patterned wallpaper would seem more interesting. But as it stands, being made in Malaysia and in Malaysian context, tell it as it is instead of adhering to the ridiculous view of reality of the Lembaga Penapisan Filem, makes the film stand out in a bold way.

I suppose that WAS the purpose of the film. However I think that from a story telling stand point, the film makers tried too hard, hence my biggest beef with the film.

What is with the Incest Rape? Not that I disagree that the crime is heinous and is undeserving of attention but the film makers in their efforts to bring it up seem to do the cause a great injustice.

In the film, the main character’s school going little sister unexpectedly fails to turn up for a match. As it turns out, she suffered a miscarriage after being raped by her own father (whose a Datuk in the film). She obviously ended up in hospital and her father was promptly arrested.

Now, considering the gravity of what happened, in ANY sort of seemingly functional happy family, such an event would bring life to a stand still, but not so in the film. Life went on like nothing happened, Datin even hosted a tea party and nobody seemed shocked. It was such a non-even that the rapist was even granted bail and he later tried to kidnap the daughter he raped.

Let’s remember that the movie is a chick flick. The story was established at the beginning and the conclusion is already forgone. The only reason to see it is for the story’s development, for the characters that play a role, for the little details that make it Malaysian. Writing in a heavy subplot of incest rape only makes it go against the entire momentum of the film and does injustice to both the film and the cause.

Also, since when did we grant fathers who rape their own daughters bail?