Sunday, February 20, 2005

Life is a journey. It’s like a long trip by sea. You start off with a new ship, a christening, an empty book in the ships records. The wind is strong; it is a solid breeze and with it carries your aspirations and your dreams. The sails are unfurled and off you go into the world unknown.

Some days are dull, others are an adventure. There are calm seas and favorable winds, horrible storms and smooth currents. Everyday has its highlights, its emotions. Along the way you befriend other on a journey much like yours, some grow close, others make good acquaintances. Some take on your flag and call you brother, others conspire to cause you bother.

Each day is a treasure, a moment to remember, a page for the journal, a chapter in life’s annals. Each day you make changes to your course, each correction spurred by an event that will forever alter the land you will find one day after.

One day many years since, the end beckons, land is just over the horizon, you give your journey one hard reckon. You remember the joy and the sorrow; the love, the heartbreak; friends made and friends lost, accomplishments and mistakes, all the events of your life remembered just before land hits and it all fades into a mist.

But as consuming as the fog be, from the lives of whom you’ve touched your memory will never be subtracted and on will live the legacy of the captain of that fine ship.