Tuesday, July 06, 2004


Today on my way back from CyberJaya, I collided with a Proton Wira on the Kesas Highway. I was behind the car and suddenly it slowed down to exit the highway. I couldn’t react in time and collided into him from the rear… It’s my fault I guess.

Anyway, I’m OK. Just a laceration on my chin (time to invest in a full face helmet) that required 3 stitches and a bruised leg. Beyond that, I’m walking almost normally (slight limp due to bandage) and doing stuff normally. I noticed that when I used to fall of bicycles, my palms would usually be scratched and badly bleeding, but this time they escaped a fall from a motorbike sans injury. Apparently the leather gloves I got cheap at Tesco work. Best RM 9 I ever spent.

My motorbike took it a bit worse, the bodywork is cracked, the right wing mirror broke, the right peddles are bent out of shape and worst of all, it won’t start. It’s in the shop now, and to think it was just in the shop last week for service. Sigh…..

The exit from the highway in question wasn’t part of the original plan for the highway and should not have been there, but apparently the local council cut away a piece of the sidewalk and painted a dotted line to legalise the dirt path the local residents had been using as an exit, without thinking that the highway wasn’t engineered to have an exit there. Somebody needs to have my boot shoved up his you-know-which cavity.

So anyway, enough doom and gloom. I watched ’13 going on 30’ today. It’s a teen cum chick flick, and according to Mizzpeach, it made her cry. So what the heck I thought. Anyway, it’s quite a good show. In the mists of being a sweet, spicy and pink, it manages to ask and attempts to answer in a cheerful manner, some of life’s questions. Mixed with a good sound track and good dose of 1980’s retro, it’s quite the enjoyable movie.

Ladies, watch with a tissue box. I watched it with my sister and she cried. You have been warned.

Oh, I also saw Spiderman 2 last week, but too much has been said about that show already. :P


Blogger pfehbey said...

WHAT! ppl actually cried? i'm clueless. i thought the movie sucked.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004 1:17:00 AM  
Blogger Nicholas said...

Thats coz you're out of touch with ur feminin side.. muahahahha j/k ;)

Wednesday, July 07, 2004 11:14:00 PM  

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