Thursday, July 01, 2004

There is too much stupidity in this world. Just yesterday I read about Bill Gates' newly dispensed advice as an advisor on the MSC that Windows is the way to go and Linux and the whole open source movement is for the lazy and jobless. This comes hot on the heels of news that the Open Sourced and Free Linux computer operating system was out selling Windows 7:3 in a government sponsored project.

That man ought to be sacked for that statement.

Then, today the trade ministry announced that it will not be capping the price of music CD's as it announced last year, and instead 2 yearly sales will be held to make CD cheaper.

Is that the sound of music I hear? No, it's merely the sound of the Minister of Trade's pea sized brain rattling in his skull. Anybody who knows business will tell you that 'sales' are a scheme that prey on unsuspecting public. The price at a sale is the actual price a company is willing to sell a product for and whatever the non sale price is, is simply bonus. So in this country where the prices of CDs are already over inflated by about 300%, what is a 20% 'discount' on CDs? And the discounted CD will never be the ones you want anyway.

Mahathir was right, if we don't be careful, we are simply going to be the victims of corporate colonization. It shows, the stupidity of corporations with vested interested are seeping into the country and the government is simply taking it lying down.

Microsoft has been convicted of being a greedy monopoly and the music industry has shown over the years that it too is as greedy. But for some reason we seem to be taking advice from them. What gives?



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