Saturday, July 03, 2004

I just finished watching the KL auditions for Malaysian Idol. While there were the usual horrible singers as well as those who truly deserve to have their talents pressed into albums, I think that an interesting aspect of the auditions is how it shows a raw cross section of Malaysian society.

While those who got in truly deserved it, watching the way the many that got rejected handle rejection. An interesting thing is as those who watch the show would know, the judges speak their mind, especially the 2 male ones who put things quite bluntly with statements like “You can’t sing” and “That was just terrible”

While most people would just walk off and be happy with their 0.15 minutes of fame, there are those who think that people stating the obvious is a sin. There was this fellow who was ranting to the camera about how the judges are supposed to give advice and all, but they cannot say that a persons singing is bad. That highlights something that is very wrong with our society.

It seems that part of our society has a problem with being told they are wrong. Like as if it is expected that no matter how badly they screw up, people are supposed to pretend it’s all good. It’s everywhere. In kindergarten, every kid who shows up for sports day is given a medal to take home for showing up. Then later on, public exams are set with no benchmark and at the end of the day, the passing grade is lowered so that the statistics will reflect that more people passed and the school system in improving, regardless or weather or not this is true. Then, joining the civil service, no matter how much of a slacker and incompetent klutz you are, you can screw up as much as you want and sleep well with the fact that you can’t be fired for anything short of committing a felony.

Imagine the tragedy it would be if the individuals who thrive in this environment where one can do no wrong were to somehow get into the seat of government and get made say Deputy Prime Minister… Oh wait…


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