Monday, August 30, 2004


It’s 4 hours till midnight. I guess before I go out I’ll write my Merdeka Day wish. I wish there would be less tolerance in Malaysia.

I wish that the government would stop promoting tolerance, that the ministers stop talking about tolerance and that everybody would understand that tolerance is not what this country needs.

After all, if members of a family merely tolerate each other, that family is as good as gone.

What I want is for everybody to understand that for the past 47 years, we are no longer different. I am not Chinese, you are not Malay and he is not Indian. I want everybody to simply look at him/her selves and all others in this great nation and see only Malaysians.

Our history does not define our future, so let us not fight to divide ourselves based on where were once from, but unite where we now are, and strive for a better tomorrow.

Demi Raja dan Negara. Happy Hari Merdeka.


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