Monday, August 23, 2004


I went to find the new mall in PutraJaya today. AlamAnda is your regulat middle class shopping comples, the usual suspects like 'nicole', Giodano, and teh rest are there. There are 3 opticians, a couple of watch shops, jewelers and fast food. Food wise there KFC, Pizzahut, A&W, DAiryQueen and StarBucks. The golden archers seem to be missing. Carrefour will open on the 29th.

Anyhow, whats not so typical of the mall is the architecture. It's built to a modern western design, that is a simulated outdoor street, except it's indoors and air conditioned. However, there are indoor palm trees and real sunlight abounds. Nice. Also, theres an outdoor area with a big fountain, ala KLCC.

So, i'm cooking my own dinners now. I prepped all the food back home over the weekend and freeze it, then all i have to do is cook it over here. Made 2 packs of chicken chops and 2 packs of pasta. Had a chicken chop today, it came out quite well, but i wonder how long i can keep this up before work becomes too hectic for me to cook...


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