Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Very sorry!

Sorry to my visitors about the lack of updates. I’ve been well... lazy…

Last weekend, I went to Ikea and bought new furniture for the study room at home… I was driving there with my cousin and suddenly, stand still traffic on the highway at 10 a.m on a Sunday... WTF? Turns out they closed the MRR2 and only decided to tell people the day after. Sammy Vellu can’t get dumber then that. I mean, if you are going to close a huge section of a major highway, shouldn’t it make front page news the day BEFORE and not AFTER you do it? Wasted an hour of my Sunday.

Also on the same day, I realised just how much the Proton Gen.2 actually sucks. My dad’s Gen.2, which has a water proofing problem which resulted in corrosion which required major repairs, had another problem. The driver’s side window literally FELL DOWN! So now there’s no driver’s side window.

So I guess the CEO of Proton was seriously talking out of his anal cavity when he said that the Gen.2 wouldn't have the problems with Quality Control and build issues like older Protons. How else do you explain a car requiring 2 major repairs with only 6000 km on the odometer?

Monday, saw Selina, my ex classmate, who is now studying at LUCT for lunch. Or sort of. Ever since Cook Shack moved into the MDTC, it’s the most popular stall and I spent the better part of lunch queuing for my food, so didn’t get to chat with Selina much. Have to really do it again, this time with actual talking. :P

Today, my downloading of movies is complete. I downloaded 6. Today I saw ‘Code46’ and ‘Office Space’. Office Space is a 3rd rate, so called comedy starring Ron Livingston (Berger in Sex and the City) and Jennifer Aniston. Not worth watching. Heck, not even funny.

Code46 on the other hand, is quite an interesting film. It’s basically an art film, produced by the BBC and some unknown production company. But it’s was technically smooth, no obvious bad FX and the story is actually quite thought provoking. If you have time, go download and watch it. More about the movie at IMDB.

Anyway, that’s all for now, will try and post more often.


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