Saturday, September 11, 2004

"To create a great civilisation, it is important to strike a balance between material and spiritual achievements. We must endeavour to enrich our souls. Tradition, culture and religion must not be obstacles to success. On the contrary, they must serve as bridges for us to move forward and elevate our dignity and stature in the eyes of the world. "

-- Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

His Excellency is a very smart man. I've listened to the budget for a few years now, something I don't think many people my age does and I must say that things are changing. Many budgets were very political, and I do mean political in the dirtiest manner possible. Yet this one sounds different

It is normal to talk about accountability at political rallies , during the run up to an election and when some fool gets caught with his pants down and needs to be cut loose. But the budget…

"Money makes the world go round" so the saying goes, and the budget, the plan that determines how all that money is going to turn this country is very serious business. So it is heartening to know that finally, after many an idiot has mindlessly talked about transparency and good governance, the money that makes it all happen is going where the mouth is.

I think His Excellency gets it. He understands that there is too much stupidity going on; too many scandals and too many quick fixes that only make people feel good but never solve anything. This budget isn’t what the pundits would call feel good, there’s the usual tax raise on vices, it talks about public transport, infrastructure maintenance, education, income tax etc.

But somehow everything that is said for once makes a load of sense. We are finally done with assuming that life is good, done with bailing out incompetent twits who run companies like their personal check book. We are investing into our future.

Finally, here is a solid plan for our nation's future.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alamak, I'm a journalist, and I don't even listen to the budget... malunya...


Monday, September 13, 2004 1:20:00 PM  
Blogger Naoko said...

I forgot to watch the Budget, but I do like the fact that he's serious about the things he said he wanted to do during the election. I'm a little sad at the alcohol increase because I know that Viceice makes good food with a little bit of wine, but the higher the rate of sin taxes, the better we can discourage the kids from picking up the habits.

At the very least we make them think twice.

Monday, September 13, 2004 3:03:00 PM  

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