Monday, January 30, 2006

Is Pak Lah Doing Nothing?

Here’s a thought on the notion that Pak Lah is failing to deliver on election promise of a better government.

What if the latest series of scandal hot on the heels of another is actually a sign that change is indeed taking place?

Think about it, under the old PM, the media was on a shorter leash and i would imagine cover up was more religiously implemented. Now suddenly you read about all the blunders in government. Idiot leaders shooting stupidity from the hip, all the Police abuse of power. Things that were once only hearsay are now out in the open, in the public mind.

Isn't acknowledging there is a problem the first step towards a solution?

Isn't it even remarkable that all the horror stories you think were rumors told inside four walls about how the police manhandle people are publicly proven to be true?

I think the thing people miss amid all this scandal is that today; the scandal is no longer clouded in uncertainty and doubt but clear in the open. Is that not a step forward, however small, for transparency and accountability that the fools who mess up are at least positively identified?


Blogger The Unladen Swallow said...

Which would be better? To have the public in the know of the problem and the problem is thus solved, hand in hand, or the government letting us live our lives without the know of the problem, and that Big Brother will take care of everything that comes our way?

The former's a little bit unrealistic. Citizens will overreact sometimes and spread more rumours with the help of the media's obstinance, but meh.

There's a difference between the reign of Mahathir and Badawi, and that is that, like you say, Mahathir had a short leash on the media, or just a very long arm. Don't tell me police abuse and government blunders never existed before this.

Monday, February 06, 2006 12:34:00 AM  

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