Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Nonsensical Rant – My Soul Screams

I hate this feeling… I hate hate hate this feeling. This acid… this pain in my chest… this irrational urge. Time is supposed to heal. We’re supposed to grow more mature… I’M supposed to have grown more mature. What doesn’t kill us is supposed to make us stronger….

I know better. Damn it. I honestly know better. I’ve made those mistakes before. I’ve made THAT mistake before. I’ve paid for it. Now why is it back to haunt me? WHY??!!

It didn’t happen. It wasn’t meant to be. All those wasted years. Why can’t I forget that feeling of want? Why am I being dragged back there, kicking and screaming? Why did Adam eat of the forbidden fruit? Was it the devil? Or was it really just for Eve’s sake?


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